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Welcome to FCs of the Kirbeh.

Thought about making a random Comic. But since I still have to work on my main comic, I thought it would be fun to do a co-author comic... so... WELCOME TO “FCS OF THE KIRBEH” Characters: - Neutral: Kai, Aomi; Wiiby; Mass; Oxide - Good: Sako, Larry; Breaker; Ignus Unis; Angel, Carly

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Your own arcs

aomi shikido
Posted by aomi shikido
April 29th, 2013, 11:55 am
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As I said before, in this comic you can create a storyline and anyone who is an author can continue it.
However, if you want to make a comic on your own, not related to the main storyline and without anyone to continue it, you can do that in your own chapters:
Every author gets a chapter where they can upload their own arcs. But of course there are rules too:
- No one besides the owner of the chapter is allowed to create or continue comics in the chapter, unless the owner allows it.
- You may only use the characters of the comic as main characters, unless it is a backstory or you are introducing new characters there. (That only applies for the main characters of the arc, you can of course use others as secondary characters)

If you have any questions to this you can of course ask me.

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The Rules

aomi shikido
Posted by aomi shikido
April 27th, 2013, 7:03 am
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Please read this before doing anything:

- Only Kirby FCs/OCs are allowed. Which means no other fandoms please.
- Each author can have max. 2 characters.
- NO STEALING. If I notice you stealing other people's work (pictures, sprites etc.) you will be kicked out immediately.
- You're not allowed to use already existing characters in the Kirby universe as your own character.
- Please no serious swear words and no serious violence. (like cutting off a foot etc.)

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